EastEnders to include tribute to Nelson Mandela on Monday night

A scene has been filmed for tonight’s episode of EastEnders to mark the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Following the death last week, bosses at the BBC1 soap decided to drop the specially-shot scene into the show. There had been no episode last Friday, the day after Mandela’s death.

An EastEnders spokesman said: “EastEnders always aims to reflect big news stories and events that strike a chord with our audience.

“Nelson Mandela had such a huge effect on so many people’s lives that we felt it was important to reflect the impact his death has had.”

The episode will see the characters Carol Jackson, played by Lindsey Coulson, and Denise Fox, played by Diane Parish, discussing Mandela and their memories of his release from prison in 1990.

The same honour has previously been given to historic moments including, most recently, the birth of Prince George, and also Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory earlier this year.

The death of the Queen Mother and the election of US president Barack Obama have also been referred to in previous episodes of EastEnders.