New boy Tony Discipline talks to Soaplife about his role as hunky Tyler Moon and moving from Billingsgate fish market to the East End…

Forget hot sun; there’s going to be a hot Moon when Eddie’s youngest son Tyler turns up in EastEnders. “It’s really exciting to work on a show you’ve grown up watching,” 22-year-old Tony told Soaplife… And it’s exciting for the show to finally get a new hunk!

We’v heard that Tyler makes quite a first impression in Walford. What happens?
“He pulls up in a flash car then hides in The Vic from three blonde sisters he’s been three-timing. He ends up with a cocktail poured over his head!”

Were you nervous when you first arrived?
“I was when I had to act drunk, wearing nothing but my pants in front of David Essex, Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace. It was only my second day! It’s been amazing though. Everyone here has made it feel like home.”

Does Tyler get on with his dad?
“He’s Eddie’s favourite son. They get on well and are very close. Eddie sees himself in Tyler. Michael’s jealous of their relationship.”

Has Tyler got a dark side like Michael?
“No. He’s a bit of a Jack the lad, but he cares and he’s quite straightforward. He thinks Michael is a weirdo and isn’t that bothered that he doesn’t seem to like him. He can’t work him out.”

How does Tyler get on with his brother, Anthony ,who’s joining the family soon?
“He worships him. They’re really close. I get on really well with Matt Lapinskas, who plays Anthony. He’s like the brother I never had. We hang out a lot.”

Which of the Walford women will Tyler go for?
“He flirts with Jodie and chats Whitney up, but she punches him. I think he will probably try his luck with all of them! He doesn’t mean to hurt people. He just gets himself into situations. He can’t help it.”

What were you doing before you landed the role of Tyler?
“I worked at Billingsgate fish market cooking crab and lobsters. I’d get up at 2.20am, go to work and finish at 10am, when I’d go to The Actor’s Centre to study drama. I got places at a few drama schools, but couldn’t afford to fund them. I’ll miss the market and the people there, but I won’t miss the hours!”