EastEnders‘ Tony Discipline talks to Soaplife about Tyler’s newfound love for Whitney…

He may seem like a bit of a player, but it seems Tyler has a heart of gold – really! And it belongs to Whitney, if only she’d have it. And there’s the problem. She’s with Fat Boy and Tyler’s been trying to respect that. But with Cupid shooting his arrow around on Valentine’s Day, Tyler can resist no more. “He thinks, ‘I can’t just put aside my feelings’,” says Tony. But his moment of truth doesn’t go quite as planned…

Tyler and Whitney have never really dated so how does he know how he really feels about her?
“He’s in love with her. The initial attraction was that she gave him nothing at all – she punched him to start with. Now he’s fallen in love with her as a person – he knows she’s really kind and caring. She’s the one for him.”

Why hasn’t he told her?
“Because he has this whole bromance thing going on with Fat Boy. He’s respecting this, but he’s got to the point where his feelings for Whitney are just too strong.”

And he tells Whitney he loves her!
“Lucy starts meddling and tells Tyler that Fat Boy is going to propose to Whitney on Valentine’s Day. They’re at R&R and Tyler feels he has to reveal his feelings for her.”

“Whitney tells him it’s too late.”

Will Tyler give up on her?
“He’s really hurt. He knows what he feels about Whitney and he knows he wants to be there for her, but he can’t put it into the right words. This is all new to Tyler. He’s never found a girl that he really wants to be with like this.”

Do you think Tyler and Whitney would make a good couple?
“Once they finally get together and everyone’s accepted it for what it is and they’re left alone, I think they could go really far…”

As far as marrying?
“I hope so! Their characters would have a big East End wedding. Maybe they’d get Tyler’s dad Eddie back from Spain.”