EastEnders webisode: police interview Billy Mitchell (video)

Did Billy Mitchell kill Lucy Beale?

He swears up and down he didn’t, but…

Billy (Perry Fenwick) argued with Lucy the night she died – about fish he was stealing from the chippy, he says.

And he had hidden photographs of Lucy, found by stall holder Pat, when she was babysitting Janet. Billy said they were Peter’s but he clearly couldn’t wait to get them back off Pat and stuff them in rubbish bags from the market. Then he watched anxiously until the rubbish was collected.

Blind Freddie could see Billy’s hiding something.

Will the police find out what it is?

This dramatic EastEnders webisode reveals some key scenes from Billy’s interview with DI Keeble (Alison Newman) and DS Bryant (Glen Wallace) …

EastEnders, BBC1, Monday, July 21, 8.00pm.