EastEnders: What is Roxy doing with Jack?

First Sean, now her sister’s lover Jack… Roxy is playing one heck of a dangerous sex game! We asked Rita Simons, who plays Roxy, for some answers.

We thought Roxy and Jack hated each other: have they secretly been in love all this time?

“No way. It’s not like that at all. It’s just something that should never happen that does.”

Haven’t they just been arguing?

“Yes. Jack tells Ronnie that Roxy is sleeping with Sean, and Roxy’s furious. As Roxy knew she would be – Ronnie disapproves of Sean. She knows he’s involved with drugs and worries that Roxy will be too. They have a bit of an argument and though Ronnie apologies later, Roxy finds her going through her bag looking for drugs.”

So how do Jack and Roxy end up in each other’s arms?

“Jack winds Roxy up by suggesting that Ronnie controls her, so she decides to prove him wrong – and kisses him. Afterwards it’s really awkward between them. They can barely look at one another.”

Why is it so awkward?

“Roxy is consumed with guilt and can’t bear the thought of looking Ronnie in the eye. They both know it’s going to be difficult to hide what’s happened from Ronnie.”

And then Ronnie catches them having a heart-to-heart in the cafe. How does that go down?

“Ronnie wants to know what’s up and Jack quickly makes an excuse and legs it, leaving Roxy to face her alone. She doesn’t confess, but she is finding it very hard lying to Ronnie.”

Is Roxy not worried that Sean might find out about Jack?

“Roxy thinks Sean has cheated on her so it’s more off than on with him. But not for good. They’re very similar. He’s her perfect man and she does like him – a lot.”

What will happen next?

“The Mitchell sisters have been in Walford for a year and now it’s going to get really dramatic. Ronnie’s big secret is going to come out – and things between Roxy and Sean are going somewhere REALLY interesting.”

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