EastEnders: Who’s gunning for Ian?

Someone’s out to get Ian Beale and he should be afraid, very afraid. Actor Adam Woodyatt tells us why…

It all starts when a huge bouquet of lilies arrives for Ian at the cafe with a card reading ‘RIP’.

“Then a wreath and an animal heart arrive and Ian’s determined to find who’s behind it. But things turn even more sinister when he overhears Peter telling Jane that Lucy has gone to meet Cindy.”

What? As in her dead mum Cindy?

“Yes. But not for a second does Ian think Cindy’s still alive. He assumes it’s just Lucy playing these pranks.”

But when Ian has a go at Lucy for the stunts she’s been pulling and she just laughs, he realises that Lucy and Cindy have been emailing each other.

“So Ian pretends to be Lucy and sends emails to Cindy. He’s printing out the evidence when he catches a whiff of Cindy’s old perfume. He follows his nose and sees “I’m back Ian” scrawled in lipstick on the hall mirror.”

That really rattles Ian doesn’t it?

“Of course it scares him. He’s concerned because somebody’s let themselves into the house and he suspects everyone.”

Doesn’t Ian suspect that Cindy’s sister Gina could be behind it?

“Ian made a pass at Gina at Cindy’s funeral and she’s definitely as nutty as her sister.”

Only, Ian visits Gina and finds out it’s not her. Then Jane receives a shocking letter and summons Ian home at once…

“The contents of the letter stun him. Suddenly anything’s possible. He’s so paranoid he starts to think that Jane could be the culprit.”

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