Easter Monday on EastEnders: Abi breaks Ben’s heart with a horror story!

Here it comes, EastEnders fans…

Good Friday’s EastEnders was bad, very bad, for Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald)…

Easter Monday’s EastEnders is going to be so much worse – and not just for Abi.

Trapped in the lie that she’s pregnant, Abi got desperate on Good Friday when Ben (Harry Reid) started talking about getting a baby scan.

Abi plucks up the courage to lie to Ben yet again


And she made another mistake… She turned to prize witch Babe (Annette Badland), who saw an opportunity to fix things when drunken Phil (Steve McFadden) started throwing his weight around in the Vic.

As Phil and Ben fought, Babe pushed Abi into struggle and she ended up on the floor.

With a nod from a smiling Babe, Abi whimpered: ‘The baby, Ben!’

Viewers on Easter Monday will seen Abi tell Ben that the fall caused her to lose the baby that Ben has no idea never existed…yet.

Sitting upstairs at the Vic, after a visit to hospital, and with Babe nodding encouragement from the doorway, Abi breaks Ben’s heart with more lies…

‘I got a bit of bleeding,’ she lies to him. ‘And, um…then I got these pains…’

‘So we went up the hospital,’ Babe quickly lies, as Abi struggles with her horror story.

‘You said she was OK,’ Ben shouts at Babe. ‘Why didn’t you call me?’

Fuious Ben tells Babe he should have been called


Because they’ve been deceiving you for weeks! But neither Abi nor Babe would say that…

‘It was all so quick,’ Babe lies.

Ben looks helplessly at Abi as his mum Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) arrives…

Kathy arrives just in time to hear Abi tell another terrible lie she’s concocted with Ben


‘I’ve, um, I’ve lost the baby, Ben,’ Abi lies with a whimper.

Lies, all lies and more damn lies.

And there’s more horror to come.

Watch the whole sorry story unfold in EastEnders on BBC1, Easter Monday, 8.00pm.