Honey still loves Billy but his lies have broken her heart – and their marriage. Actress Emma Barton reveals how Honey suddenly sees him as so many other do…

How does Honey react to the revelations?

“She tells him: I used to be so proud of you. ‘My Billy.’ I’m not stupid. I knew what other people said about you. But I thought they were wrong… Turns out they were right.”

Billy lies about being out on a job. Does he know how Honey would react?

“She’d be furious if she knew he was in on the job. She doesn’t want anything to do with money earned in that way. What’s important to her is for Billy to be a loyal husband… and a truthful one.”

How shocked is she to find out that far from trying to save Jase, Billy was hiding in the bathroom?
“She’s like, why would you do that, you know I don’t like being lied to? They’ve had the conversation hundreds of times and he’s promised to tell her the truth. He’s really disappointed her. Billy is not the man she knew.”

So is finding out he stole the money from Jase’s van the last straw?
“She tells him, take your blood money out of my home and throws him out.”

But yet she gives him another chance when he decided to burn the money?
“She stops him and they agree to give the money to charity and he promises the lies are over.”

But when she finds out he’s kept some of it, there’s no going back?
“Billy says it’s for Jay but Honey doesn’t care. It’s another lie. She tells Billy that it’s over, that she will always be looking over her shoulder if she stays and she can’t live like that. The last thing she says to Billy is that she loves him. And she does, but she can’t be with him anymore.”

So with Honey leaving Albert square, so are you. How does it feel?
“I’m sad to leave after three happy years, but I’ll definitely carry on watching EastEnders as I really want to know what happens to Billy.”

So do we – but we reckon it’s not going to good.