Emmerdale’s Jo tells Katie she’s engaged to Andy – only she hasn’t told him yet! Roxanne Pallet reveals all…

What IS Jo’s problem?
“She’s desperate for Andy to get divorced from Katie. While Katie’s still Katie Sugden, Jo doesn’t feel like she has all of Andy. She wants the status of being his wife rather than this scarlet woman who no one takes seriously. So she makes an appointment for Andy at a divorce lawyer’s.”

Umm…. does she discuss this with him first?
“No and he’s a bit taken aback when she tells him, but then he delights her by bringing the appointment forward.”

Which must mean that Andy wants to marry her as soon as possible, right? So Jo announces their engagement to a packed Wolpack!
“To be fair she blurts it out because Katie’s getting on her nerves. She wants to shut Katie up. To stick two fingers up at Katie by saying, ‘I’m Mrs Sugden now, not you!'”

But when Andy gets to hear that he’s engaged he’s furious and tells Jo he won’t be bullied into marrying her…
“She cheers herself up by taking up Sharon’s invite to a pamper day at a health spa, goes mad with Andy’s credit card, but then feels guilty and goes home. She finds Andy who tells her he does want to marry her after all.”

But does he really?
“Maybe not when he finds out Jo’s squandered £400 of his money on beauty products. She’s not going to worry about that now, though. The main thing is that he has committed himself. She will be Mrs Sugden.”

How far would Jo go to ensure he does? Getting pregnant would certainly make it difficult for him to back out.
“It would and, yes, a baby may be a possibility. Who knows what Jo might do to keep Andy? A baby would definitely make him commit. The ironic thing is that I don’t actually think Jo wants to settle down. If she did get pregnant on purpose I can imagine her thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’ after about a week. She does care for Andy but I think she’s already getting a bit restless, being stuck on the farm. Once she’s got Andy where she wants him she may find she doesn’t want him after all. There’s no way she wants to be an ordinary farmer’s wife.”

Poor Andy!