Enders’ Charlie Brooks on Janine’s dirty tricks!

EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks reveals Janine is prepared to wreck Sam’s life to get The Vic!

Why is Janine so keen to join Archie against the Mitchells?

“Getting one over Walford’s most powerful family will make her feel as if she has some sort of prestige. She wants to show she’s not to be messed with. Also Janine sides with whoever she thinks will win – she never backs a loser.”

Is it just about power and money or has she got a grudge against the Mitchells?

“She’s got a grudge against just about everybody in Walford. She’s very jealous of the Mitchell girls because they’re part of a family unit. And The Vic meant a lot to her dad Frank so Janine will feel like she’s made it if she’s behind the bar running things.”

What’s the big plan to get The Vic?

“To target Sam. She’s worried about going to prison and that makes her vulnerable. Janine befriends Sam and decides to work on her fears to persuade her to jump bail. If the Mitchells lose the bail money they’d have no choice but to sell up.”

But Sam would end up in jail for sure and that would hurt her brother Ricky too…

“He doesn’t come into this. Janine only cares about what she can get out of the situation.”

Ricky plans to marry Sam. Surely Janine would feel some guilt ruining his dream?

“That’s not the way she sees it. She figures Ricky would have Bianca and the kids.”

What does Janine think when Archie takes a call from the hospital in private?

“She hopes he’s sick because that will give her more power. But you never know… her softer side might even come out.”

Would Janine go as far as to seduce Archie to keep him on side?

“She might.”

What’s the situation with her and Ryan?

“She doesn’t want Archie to know of her involvement with Ryan in case it makes him think twice about having her in on his plans.”

How much can she trust Archie though? Is she worried he might double-cross her?

“She knows it’s a possibility.”

Is she scared of him?

“If she were she wouldn’t let on.”

How far will she go to get her own way?

“You’ll have to wait and see…”

Why is Janine so bad?

“I don’t think she’d be so bad if Frank were around. But she knows nobody would dare trust her if she wanted to be good now.”

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