Janine Malloy may be splashing the cash after bagging a huge inheritance, but actress Charlie Brooks says her life wouldn’t change much if she became rich.

The EastEnders star’s character is embarking on a massive spending spree after learning she was the sole beneficiary of grandmother Lydia’s will, but Charlie prefers simpler pleasures.

She told Inside Soap: “I’d buy a boat, because I love going fishing. I’d do all the usual stuff, like buying houses for my friends and family. Plus, I’d hire a full-time masseuse, but I wouldn’t quit work.”

Charlie revealed there were some benefits to Janine’s new lifestyle – better costumes.

“I’ve got a whole new wardrobe! It’s not right up my street, but it’s a damn sight better than it was,” she said.

And the actress revealed her six-year-old daughter Kiki would love her mother to play a less scheming character.

“Kiki sees it loads because she’s at my mother’s house, because mum’s also an addict of the show.

“Kiki says to me, ‘Why can’t you be a nice character?’ I sometimes think I’d like Janine to be nice for a bit, but the audience won’t have it. They love Janine being bad!”