EastEnders actor Johnny Partridge is dreaming of a baby and a wedding for Christian… But what’s Syed dreaming of?

Christian’s determined to be a dad – with or without Syed. “He’s a 40-year-old man and it’s what he wants more than anything,” Johnny tells Soaplife. So if Syed makes him choose it’s no contest…

If Christian’s so keen to adopt, why does he get drunk before the social worker’s visit?
“Roxy comes round for a chat and talks Christian into having a drink. Then Syed comes home, accuses them of being drunk and rearranges the visit. Christian feels guilty. The next day he tells Syed he’s sorting out the adoption checklist; he’s going to get them a bigger flat and he’ll get Zainab onside, which amazingly he does!”

How does he do that?
“He tricks Zainab into coming to the flat, locks the door and won’t let her go until they thrash it out. You have to remember that they used to get on quite well before he got together with Syed.”

But Soaplife knows Syed changes his mind about adopting!
“Syed announces he doesn’t want to be a dad! So Christian tells Syed he’ll do it on his own. As much as he loves Syed he can’t choose him over his dream to become a dad.”

Does that mean it’s over between them?
“No. Once Syed’s had time to think he goes round to see Christian in his new flat and tells him he’s been an idiot and he does want to have a family with him.”

Will they make good parents?
“I think so. Christian would certainly make a great dad. I hope they succeed. It would be really interesting to explore them as a family. I personally love the idea of having another child on set. I’m good with kids and enjoy having them around.”

Soaplife wonders what would happen if Amira returned with Syed’s baby?
“It would all depend on what Syed wants. Christian wants a child and if he found out Syed was already a dad I like to think he’d be compassionate enough to accept that.”

Do you think that Syed is ready to be a father?
“I think he still has this idea that anybody gay shouldn’t raise a child. It’s a bit of a stumbling block. Christian doesn’t have any issues. He wants Syed to step out of the closet and accept who he is.”

What does the future hold for them?
“Who knows? They might have a child by the end of the year. Hopefully they’ll get married, too. If they did it’d be a real Elton John affair!”