Enders’ Danielle: ‘No one saw me on Jamie’s show’

Danielle Harold has admitted she was concerned about how her new EastEnders co-stars might view her after her stint on Jamie’s Dream School.

Before the young actress landed the role of Lola Pearce on the BBC1 show she appeared on Jamie Oliver’s fly-on-the-wall documentary about teenage tearaways struggling with the education system.

Danielle said of her colleagues on the soap: “I don’t think much of them watched (Jamie’s Dream School) which was probably a good thing. They asked me what I’d done before and I was like, ‘Jamie’s Dream School, did you see that?’ But it’s been great, I’ve had a great year.”

The star admitted she still can’t get over her luck at being part of the show – and insisted she’s nothing like her feisty character, who’s currently embroiled in a pregnancy storyline.

“That’s what makes it such fun to play, she’s so different from me. It’s really fun just to not care about anything,” she added.

“I get recognised a lot too. You never expect to, but it happens in the weirdest places, in Sainsbury’s when I’m food shopping. I still can’t believe my luck now, it’s just really strange, really surreal.”