EastEnders Linda Henry talks to Soaplife about Shirley’s hunt for Heather’s killer – and Phil’s ultimate betrayal…

Shirley and Phil have both got one thing on their mind at the moment: Heather’s death. But while he’s busy trying to protect Ben, the killer, Shirley is hell-bent on finding out who the killer is. It’s no wonder that their relationship is cracking under the strain! Soaplife spoke to Linda about the latest developments.

How does Shirley feel now that she knows Andrew isn’t the killer?
“As soon as she realised, she became even more determined to find out the truth. Both she and Andrew want justice for Heather. They may never have been the best of friends, but they are able to put the past behind them and search for the truth.”

What is she going to do to find the killer?
“She makes posters about Heather’s death and adds her phone number in case anyone knows anything about the murder, but doesn’t want to go to the police. She also questions Jean about the night Heather died and is shocked when Jean tells her that Phil told her not to go to the police about seeing Andrew that night.”

And she confronts Phil?
“Yes, and he tells her that Jean may have imagined it.”

Has Shirley noticed that Phil, Jay and Ben are acting oddly?
“No, she has too much on her mind to take notice of them. All she can think about is how she will want the person responsible to be severely punished.”

Why does Phil kick her out of the house?
“He’s worried that he or Ben might slip-up. He kicks Shirley out of the house and as far as she’s concerned it’s over between them.”

Does Shirley still love Phil?
“Yes and she’s devastated but, at the moment, Shirley is a woman with a mission and that’s to find out who killed Heather.”

How will she feel if she finds out it was Ben and Phil has covered for him?
“It will feel like the ultimate betrayal. She’d be absolutely distraught. She and Phil have been through thick and thin and when he told her he would do anything to stop the hurt she was feeling, she believed him.”

Would she understand why he did it?
“She’d know that Phil would feel obliged to protect Ben because he is family, but I don’t think she’d forgive him for it.”