Enders’ Nina on Zainab’s fight for her son

EastEnders‘ Nina Wadia tells Soaplife that Zainab will do anything to protect kidnapped Kamil from Yusef – absolutely anything!

Zainab had every possible clue that Yusef’s idea of love was a dangerously warped one. She knows he lies without conscience; she even found out it was him who started the fire that nearly killed her all those years ago. But still she married him. Now she’s paying the price. He’s beating her and has kidnapped her son Kamil to force her to go to Pakistan with him. And, Nina hints to Soaplife in this interview, it’s all going to end horribly this Christmas with the B&B fire – and death!

When did Zainab realise her marriage to Yusef was a terrible mistake?

“She knew she was in trouble right after they married when he smacked her across the face hard enough to send her across the room.”

So why did she let Yusef take total control of her life?

“He’s been very manipulative and she’s been isolated from all her friends and family. He made it so that she had nobody she could actually turn to and gradually eroded her self-confidence. Every time she went to Masood, something went wrong. Either the timing wasn’t right or he was with Jane.”

But Zainab used to be a strong woman!

“She was but don’t forget Yusef gave her those pills… they’d change a person’s behaviour. They made her feel out of control and she had no chance when you introduce someone like him. Sometimes women can seem to be OK and strong, but it doesn’t mean that everything is all right.”

She was trying to leave when Yusef took Kamil… Does she believe he would harm her son?

“He says he’ll hurt her and he’ll hurt Kamil. She doesn’t care what happens to her, but she will do anything to protect her children.”

Mas and Zainab finally start working together to find Kamil – and they kiss. Could they get back together?

“I think Zainab still loves Mas. I didn’t want them to get divorced and it would be nice to go back to Zainab and Mas when they were really happy.”

Will the B&B fire on Boxing Day kill Yusef?

“This is an action drama that builds to an inevitable conclusion. It’s a very different EastEnders Christmas. The fire involves lots of different characters. It’s nice to be involved as opposed to The Vic fire when the Masoods danced in the background on telly for 10 minutes!”