Enders’ Rita on Roxy’s forbidden love

EastEnders Rita Simons tells Soaplife that Roxy knows Alfie can’t love her – but that won’t stop her loving him!

There’s always been a spark between them but now unlucky-in-love Roxy’s realised Alfie is her perfect man. There’s just one problem: Kat. “Roxy doesn’t expect Alfie to leave Kat,” Rita tells Soaplife, before adding: “…at this point!” Soaplife reckons she could be giving a big hint…

When did Roxy realise she’s in love with Alfie?

“It happened at the book club, when the girls were chatting about what makes the perfect man. When somebody suggested it might be Alfie, Roxy said she didn’t fancy him – but she also said you want a man who’s there for you. Then when Alfie comforted her over the whole Max thing, it dawned on her that it was him. The perfect man for her had been under her nose the whole time.”

Does she think Alfie feels the same way?

“Any time Alfie’s nice to Roxy she thinks it means he loves her. Her heart gets broken about six times a day. She’s just misreading everything.”

But she tells Alfie she loves him!

“Derek realises Roxy loves Alfie and plays on her heartstrings by kidnapping Alfie for the day. She’s beside herself with worry; she thinks he’s been killed. Derek then comes by to rub salt into the wound. Alfie wants to know why Derek’s upset her so much and she ends up telling him the truth – that she’s in love with him.”

How does he react?

“He’s really shocked. That’s all I can tell you!”

Does Roxy expect him to say he feels the same way?

“No – she knows it can’t be because of Kat, but she just can’t help being in love with him. I think she’s shown Kat some respect. She’s just telling Alfie she loves him but she’s not trying it on with him. We all know Roxy can make a move if she wants to yet she doesn’t do that whole sexiness thing with Alfie.”

Aren’t things going to be a bit awkward between them now?

“Very! There are lots of scenes where it’s tricky between them.”

Do you think Roxy will get over Alfie?

“No, she’s Roxy… she isn’t normal.”

Will they have an affair?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but at this point they aren’t and that’s good because I think a slow burn is nicer – the audience invests more in the story.”

And if Kat finds out when she returns?

“I imagine it will be the bitch fight of the year!”