Enders’ spoiler: Ronnie threatens to ‘let Phil off his leash’… To attack who? (VIDEO)

Pregnant Ronnie (Samantha Womack) really shouldn’t be getting herself wound up, but there’s one person who is leaving a particularly nasty taste in her mouth this Christmas… 

It’s that rancid excuse for a man, Nick Cotton (John Altman) – the soon-to-be grandfather of her baby. Ugh! The very thought makes Ronnie shudder.

But she has to deal with him because, like it or not, her fiancé Charlie (Declan Bennett) is his son.

Nick’s proving difficult to deal with, though. He’s supposed to be staying hidden in Dot’s house but he’s been outside and seen by Ian – who’s told Phil (Steve McFadden) that Nick isn’t six feet under, he’s got his feet under Dot’s (June Brown) kitchen table again.

“I’m the only thing – the only thing standing between you and Phil right now,” Ronnie warns Nick. “And we both know what’ll happen if I let him off his leash… He will snap you – like that!” and she clicks her fingers.

“From now on,” Ronnie tells Nick, “you do exactly what you’re told.”

Ha! That’s one Christmas wish we’re pretty sure won’t come true for Ronnie…

Watch the showdown between Ronnie and Nick here.

EastEnders continues on BBC1, December 15, 8.00pm.

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