EastEnders actor Steve John Shepherd reveals to Soaplife how Michael will use anything – and anyone – to destroy his father!

For such a baddie, Michael seems to be more on the receiving end whenever he crosses someone… and he’s hit with a double whammy when his own dad goes for him then sets him up for a beating from Jack. “Michael’s not a fighter and he comes off really badly when Jack attacks him. They spent an hour doing my make-up and it looked horrific,” says Steve. But fighter or not, Michael is dangerous – and, Steve warns, he has a very dark revenge plan.

So why does Eddie turn on Michael?
“Eddie thinks Michael destroyed his antiques in a fire. Eddie pins Michael up against the wall at the B&B and lets rip. It’s really powerful and was quite frightening to film. David [Essex, who plays Eddie] pulled out all the stops. His character’s so refined and relaxed that it’s shocking to see that other side of him.”

But Michael’s innocent. Does he tell Eddie?
“No. He remains poker-faced at the time, but inside I think he’s a bit hurt.”

Then Eddie sets it up so that Jack’s out for Michael’s blood…
“Yes. Eddie lies to Jack and makes out Michael slept with Ronnie. Then Jack beats Michael up in the toilets at The Vic.”

Does Michael add Jack to his hit list?
“Not really. They’ve been friends since childhood and Michael gets his own back on Jack later at the gym. He dismantles him with words and Jack has to accept defeat.”

And we suspect Michael’s even more determined to get rid of Eddie?
“He already has a grand plan as far as Eddie is concerned and the flames don’t really need fanning.”

Would Michael use his brothers to get to Eddie?
“Of course. He doesn’t care about any collateral damage. He’s also messing in Eddie’s love life by pushing him and Carol together.”

Is it part of his plan?
“He’s torn. Part of him would like to see his dad happy, but another part is using his involvement with Carol as a vehicle for something else. He’s going to go into some very dark places.”

Is Michael capable of murder?
“We all are, aren’t we?”

Do you enjoy being a soap baddie?
“Yes, it’s exciting. You get to do what you wouldn’t in real life – ruin people’s lives!”