Every day’s an education for Enders’ Ricky (VIDEO)

EastEnders‘ Ricky Norwood, this year’s Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards, revealed what it’s been like since joining the soap.

Ricky told whatsontv.co.uk on the red carpet before Wednesday’s awards who he looks up to on set.

“I haven’t had a mentor or a role model, but we have such a great cast that every time I’m in a scene with them I learn so much from them.

“Working with June – she teaches so much about detail. Jake is very meticulous about his character Max, so you get to learn so much by watching and being around everyone”.

Speaking about the baby swap plot and how it affected the mood on set, Ricky said: “The lot of us as a cast pulled together professionally and even became more of a unit.

“We all back Samantha Womack for her portrayal of that part. What she did was great, it was such a learning curve to watch her”.

The wins kept coming for the BBC1 soap after it took home the big prize of Most Popular Serial Drama, while Lacey Turner won the Most Outstanding Serial Drama Peformance award.

Watch Ricky talking about his time on EastEnders: