Fans react with horror at triple tragedies on EastEnders and Sherlock

BBC1 delivered a double helping of New Year's Day shocks with the dramatic exits of the Mitchell sisters and Mary Watson... and fans struggled to cope

TV viewers will be much more conscious of water safety in swimming pools after dramatic scenes in both EastEnders and Sherlock on New Year’s Day!

Albert Square was the scene of the first pool drama, with both Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell drowning.

The pair had headed off to the pool to have some time together on Ronnie’s wedding day, but things took a terrible turn when Roxy dived in and failed to re-emerge.

Rita Simons
EastEnders’ Roxy Mitchell (BBC/Kieron McCarron)


Ronnie then went in after her, and she too drowned.

EastEnders fans were traumatised at the shocking ending to the Mitchell sisters’ story, although it had been known that actresses Samantha Womack and Rita Simons were leaving the soap.


And then it tipped it over the edge when Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) also found himself in trouble in the water.

The sleuth was investigating a mystery surrounding busts of Margaret Thatcher, and found himself up against a villain in a swimming pool.

The pair tussled in the water for some minutes, and fans just could not cope with any more…

Luckily, Sherlock made it out OK. At least that’s one out of three.

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