EastEnders viewers reckon Linda should have done more to help poor Mick!

EastEnders fans wonder whether Linda should have leaped into action rather than staring from the window

EastEnders fans think Linda should have come the rescue of her husband Mick when he was bundled into the back of a van in last night’s episode.

Despite Mick’s efforts of fighting back, two men managed to shove him into the vehicle and whack a bag over his head before making their rapid escape – the episode can be seen on BBCiPlayer.

But viewers questioned why Linda looked on from her window, rather than trying to rescue her man or at least raise the alarm. One commented, “Nice of Linda to just watch from the window”.

Another wrote: “Linda just stands at window and watches!? Whitney would’ve been out there like a shot!”

One viewer said: “What person is still standing at the window and instead watches as their husband gets pushed about and into a van?”

Meanwhile some people are worried about Mick’s fate and others pondered the alarming about of crime that seems to happen in Albert Square in broad daylight.

Another wrote: “Kidnapping in broad daylight outside a pub at dinner time”.

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm.