Fans stunned as Dot Cotton returns to Albert Square in trousers!

EastEnders viewers were rather surprised to see Dot Cotton in trousers, but delighted she's back

EastEnders fans were shocked as Dot Cotton returned to Albert Square … in trousers.

The Walford favourite was away for three months, enjoying a break by the coast.

When she returned to the BBC soap on Tuesday, Dot Coton (June Brown) had swapped her usual skirt for a pair of blue and white trousers.

The wardrobe change appeared to be too much for fans used to seeing the beloved character in less snazzy outfits.

“What’s happening? Dot is back and wearing trousers!!! What even is life anymore?!” wrote one perplexed viewer on Twitter.

“Going in on tonight’s #EastEnders and [first scene] WTF IS DOT DOING WEARING TROUSERS???” tweeted another.

One puzzled person asked: “I’m fifteen minutes late starting #EastEnders tonight but I’ve just seen Dot wearing trousers. Has this EVER happened before?”

Despite the new look, viewers were thrilled to see Dot back where she belongs.

“Dot back in the launderette is reassuringly familiar,” said one fan, while another said it was the “best thing to happen” in the episode.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30pm.