EastEnders fans struggling to remember who Annie is as she returns tonight! (And others spot she’s played by Horrible Histories star!!)

Some eagle eyed fans spot that Annie is played by Horrible Histories actress

EastEnders fans left exhausted from all the Kat Slater drama can’t quite remember who Annie Pritchard is as she returns to Walford tonight!

Annie, who popped up in the soap on Thursday, arrives back in Albert Square in this evening’s episode having been scammed by Mo aiming to get back the money she’s owed by the Slaters. The Slaters had pretended that Mo was dead and assured her they’d pay up quickly.

However, the gangster’s daughter is back snooping around and Martin Fowler reveals that Mo is in fact alive and well! Might Mo need a coffin for real now?! EastEnders commented: “Annie returns to the Square and Martin unwittingly reveals Mo is alive landing the Slaters in hot water. What does Annie have planned?”

But some fans on hearing the gangster’s daughter was returning, pondered “Who the hell is Annie?!” Another said they had watched Thursday’s episodes, but still didn’t recall her debut on the BBC1 soap!

Meanwhile, some eagle eyed viewers spotted that she is played by Horrible Histories actress Martha Howe-Douglas. “It’s the lady from Horrible Histories,” said one.

Martha also popped up as Becky in Doctor Foster and she’s enjoyed roles in Yonderland and WPC56.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 tonight at 8.00pm.

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