Fatboy’s dad cast in EastEnders

Fatboy, EastEnders‘ cheeky lad, is set to have his life shaken up as his dad is due to arrive in Albert Square, it has been revealed.

Colin Mace will play Fatboy’s father Ashley Chubb, who’s set to appear in the soap later this spring, and his arrival will explain some of the wideboy’s background, The Sun reports.

Meanwhile Ricky Norwood, who plays Fatboy, has revealed he would love his girlfriend, Sugababe Jade Ewan, to join the soap – but only if she plays his other half.

The protective actor told Inside Soap: “Only as long as she’s rolling with Fatboy, because I’m not having her kissing Ryan (Malloy) or Rhil (MItchell)!

“It’s hard to say to those guys, ‘Watch what you’re doing bruv!”

Ricky revealed he and Tameka Empson, who plays Kim Fox, are good friends and he thinks Jade and Tameka would like working together.

He said: “She and Tameka get on like a house on fire. They’ve decided I’m Temeka’s man at work, and Jade’s man when I’m at home!”

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