How does Stacey think things are with her and Bradley?
Things have been a bit rocky between them recently but she puts that down to circumstances and believes that they will get a place together. She definitely believes they have a future together.

But Bradley doesn’t tell the same. When does she realise?
When Bradley tells her she can’t go to his office party because it’s for employees only and she finds out it’s a lie.

How does she find out?
She finds his invite and it clearly says ‘and guest’ and she’s furious. She starts to think he might be embarrassed about being with her in front of his city mates.

What does she do?
She surprises Bradley by turning up at the party in a very short tartan mini skirt – the other girls are in ball gowns.

And Bradley’s not happy?
No he’s trying to impress his boss and this PR girl called Lydia and he asks her to leave. But she won’t. Then she gets very drunk and starts behaving very badly.

How badly?
She has a row with Lydia and throws wine over her. She flirts with one of Bradley’s colleagues and is nearly sick on him.

That can’t be good for the relationship…
It’s not! Bradley makes out that Stacey is not his girlfriend then he gets her alone, tells her she’s cheap and that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Poor Stacey. Is she devastated?
And more… she smashes up his new car then makes a play for his dad Max.

His dad?! What is she thinking of?
At first it’s revenge. She wants Bradley to know that she can have anyone she wants and sleeping with his dad is the ultimate revenge.

But is Max up for being seduced?
He obviously fancies Stacey but is torn. She’s his son’s girlfriend after all! He tells her that she has to stop coming onto him but Stacey won’t give up. She really goes for it and they start an affair.

What… So it’s not just a payback one-night stand?
Well there is a chemistry there and in the end the viewer is left wondering whether she’s playing a game or if she’s genuinely getting into Max.

Stacey had beens so good since she got together with Bradley… Is this the old Stacey back then?
Yes it is and that means a lot of fun for me! I love it when she’s bad because I’m nothing like that in real life!

And is it well and truly over for Bradley and Stacey?
It looks like it. She’s heartbroken by what Bradley has done although she would never want to show it. At the moment she just wants to hurt him. But I don’t see how they could ever get back together if he finds out she’s slept with his dad!

Is she going to tell Bradley about Max?
She wants to, to make him suffer but obviously Max certainly doesn’t. He talks her out of it – for now!