FIGHT! Grant and Phil Mitchell revert to their old ways on EastEnders

If you thought Phil and Grant Mitchell would put aside their old wounds for the sake of their dying mum Peggy in EastEnders, these pictures seem to put paid to that!

The bruvs come face to face when Grant makes a mercy dash back to Albert Square to support Peggy. But they struggle to come to terms with her terminal cancer, that nothing more can be done to help her and old resentments and unfinished business lead the warring Mitchells into a fight.


There’s no fraternal hug when Phil and Grant come face to face for the first time in 10 years. You can feel the hostility from 100 yards…


Phil resents Grant for his long absence and never being around when the family needed him. He can’t just swan back in and act the Big I Am…


But Grant’s not having that and lashes out the only way he knows how!


Considering what Phil’s been through in the past few years, he’s no match for his brother and is knocked sideways. Can the brothers put their differences aside for the sake of their mum before she passes away?
Watch the exchange on EastEnders on BBC1 on Monday, May 16


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