Find out why Stacey’s sectioned in the Soap Scoop

Plagued by visions of a little girl, Stacey Branning’s frightening descent into psychosis is about to reach a point where the only option for her is secure treatment on EastEnders.

Next week, her mother Jean pleads with Doctor Al to get her expert help when Stacey completely loses her grip on reality after Bradley tells her he’s leaving with Syd for Canada.

Stacey begs him to stay for their ‘daughter’, the little girl she imagines is real.

You can find out all about Stacey’s harrowing plight in the new Soap Scoop, plus Kevin and Molly’s latest amorous escapade in Coronation Street, Jake Dean’s return to Hollyoaks and the chaos Charity causes when she shows up in Emmerdale: