FIRST LOOK: Grant, Phil and Peggy Mitchell reunite on EastEnders

EastEnders has released the first picture of the Mitchell clan back together, brothers Grant and Phil reuniting as mum Peggy faces the last stage of a cancer battle back in Albert Square.
EastEnders fans saw Peggy arrive at Ronnie’s in Monday night’s episode and in Tuesday’s episode, she will learn her cancer has spread and nothing more can be done.

News that his family needs him quickly reaches Grant and worried for his mum, he returns to the square. The brothers are quick to butt heads, but can they put their differences aside for the sake of their mum?
This is the first time the Mitchells have been seen together since 2006.


Grant will make his first appearance in a surprise scene on EastEnders later this week, but makes his full return next week.

Ross Kemp, who plays Grant, is expected to be in EastEnders for a month.


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