Harry Reid is currently starring on stage in Witness for the Prosecution

Harry Reid has suggested a potential storyline which could see his EastEnders character Ben Mitchell making a return to Walford.

The 25-year-old actor, who’s currently on the London stage in Witness For The Prosecution, was last seen on EastEnders as Ben making a dash with Aidan’s heist dosh.

Talking to OK! online, Harry (pictured below in his first stage role) said: “Me and the director always said that [Ben] went out to Calais and he’s gonna come back as Benjamin Michelle with a French boyfriend, which would be quite nice.

“But we’ll see. I’m focussing 100 per cent on Witness for the Prosecution right now.”

Harry Reid, EastEnders

Harry recently spoke to us about his role in Witness for the Prosecution, saying: “I’m playing a character called Leonard Albert Vole and he’s the person in the dock. He’s accused of murdering a rich old lady he befriended.”

And he added that it was his first role in the theatre. “This is actually my first professional role on stage. I’m loving it. There’s a fantastic feeling of camaraderie among the company. It’s hard work. I’m used to that, having been in EastEnders, but it’s a different kind of hard work.”

Witness for the Prosecution pic: Ellie Kurttz