The permanent return of Stacey Slater to EastEnders will also see the temporary return of Gillian Wright, the actress who plays her mother, Jean Slater.

Gillian told Radio Times: “I feel very honoured to be asked to reprise my role as Jean Slater, for a short while. The storyline promises to be challenging and exciting! I look forward to playing again with old friends and new and to pick up the special relationship between Stacey and Jean.”

EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins added: “We are so pleased to have Gillian back with us to reprise her role as Jean Slater, albeit briefly. Stacey and Jean have such a rich, loving but difficult history. There is still so much to plumb between them as we delve deeper into what it means to have bi-polar disorder as a mother but also as a daughter. There are some truly heartbreaking scenes ahead for our audience”.

Jean was last seen in Albert Square last September, while Jean and Stacey have not been seen on screen together since Christmas Day 2010.

Gillian’s portrayal of a woman struggling with bi-polar disorder was widely acclaimed, with the storyline winning a Mental Health Media Award in 2006.


Press Association