EastEnders‘ Glynis Barber tells Soaplife the game’s up when Glenda is run out of Walford…

Ronnie thinks Glenda knows about her baby snatch and she persuades Phil to force her out of Walford… Is Glenda hurt by Ronnie?

“Yes, really hurt. It’s like Ronnie’s stabbing her in the back. Ronnie has put her into the clutches of Phil who’s a dangerous man, especially when he’s mad. She knows Phil will stop at nothing to get her out of the Square.”

Does Glenda have real feelings for Phil?

“Definitely. She wanted them to be a couple. But not now. Now there’s bad blood between them. Now she hates him.”

Shirley attacks Glenda over her affair with Phil then Glenda tries to blackmail Ian for £5k or she’ll tell Jane… Will she never learn?

“In a way Glenda actually believes she would be doing Jane a favour by telling her. Jane would know that Ian isn’t worth her time because he’ll cheat on her. Plus, Glenda sees it as a way of getting a little bit of revenge on Phil as Ian is Ben’s half-brother.”

Does Glenda care that all her scheming means her daughters have disowned her again?

“She’s devastated. She loves her girls and without them she’s all alone in the world.”

Does Glenda know baby James is really baby Tommy as Ronnie fears?

“She knows there’s something very wrong with Ronnie and she does comment to her that all babies look the same which freaks out Ronnie.”

Do you think Glenda could ever come back to the Square?

“The stage is all set for her to return to Walford one day… It could be her life mission to get revenge on Phil…”

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