Halfway is caught in his brother’s dangerous crusade reveals EastEnders star Tony Clay!

Former squaddie Callum 'Halfway' Highway has survived a war zone. Will he live through his big brother’s dangerous crusade? EastEnders actor Tony Clay reveals all…

Stuart Highway’s arrival in Albert Square has seen Mick Carter and Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway involved in a dark storyline involving Stuart tracking down suspected paedophiles. It’s already caused serious issues for Mick… and Halfway is about to be dragged into it as well.

What’s the story?

“Halfway knows what Stuart does, but he doesn’t know if he wants to get involved,” says actor Tony Clay, who plays the Walford barman. “A massive part of him thinks that sort of stuff should be left to the police. On the other hand, he wants to be involved because he wants to prove himself to his brother.” Will he survive the experience?

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Tony Clay’s interview with Soaplife about Halfway’s involvement with his brother’s crusade in EastEnders…

Soaplife: Does Halfway worry what may happen if he gets too involved in Stuart’s crusade?

Tony Clay: “He doesn’t want to jeopardise his situation with Whitney Carter and the rest of the Carter clan, who’ve almost adopted him. But viewers will see how manipulative Stuart is and how easily Halfway is persuaded to help him.”

S: Will viewers see a different side to Halfway?

TC: “Definitely. They’ll start to see him change. The more serious side to him will come out and we’ll see how desperate he is to get his brother’s validation and respect.”

Stuart with Mick Carter

Stuart is on a dangerous mission, which has already caused issues for Mick

S: How do you think Whitney will react when she discovers what Halfway’s been up to with Stuart?

TC: “She’ll think it’s not something her boyfriend would or should do. Whitney’s the voice of reason inside Halfway’s head. He knows this isn’t really him, but he feels like he has to get involved, even though Whitney thinks Halfway has nothing to prove to Stuart. She’s fallen in love with Halfway because of who he is, and she’ll want to get him away from any danger.”

S: You mentioned Halfway has very much been adopted by the Carters. Is that where he sees his home is now?

TC: “He does, yes. He is starting a new chapter in Walford. He’s excited to be with the Carters and with Whitney. As we see, though, his brother will come along and throw a big spanner in the works.”

S: Will viewers find out more about the history of the brothers?

TC: “We’ll start to see the reasons why each of them are the way they are. Viewers will get a glimpse of how it was for them both growing up, which will explain why him and his brother are total opposites.”

S: What can viewers look forward to coming up for Halfway?

TC: “We’ll see a few more layers to Halfway and we’ll see him trying to find his place in the world. And with Stuart, unsurprisingly, we’ll see how easily manipulated he is and how he reacts when pushed to the limit by his brother.”