When Dawn Swann tries to kill his baby, EastEnders’ Rob Minter faces losing everything and everyone! Stuart Laing reveals all…

Rob’s still trying to keep Dawn on-side to ensure that she gives him and wife May the baby she’s carrying when it’s born. But then Dawn sends the whole plan into meltdown…
“Dawn proves that she’s not as stupid as May thought. May’s been convinced that Dawn fell for the contract that says she will give them the baby in exchange for money. But she hasn’t.”

What happens when Dawn reveals to Rob that she’s shown the contract to Stella who says it’s not worth the paper it’s written on?
“She tears the contract up in front of him and says now they can be together. Rob’s horrified, but May is furious. She tells him that they’re going ahead with the plan whether he likes it or not.”

But he doesn’t like it at all does he?
“He’s been feeling bad about lying to Dawn and now he reckons he and May should cut their loses and accept that Dawn’s baby will never be theirs. Rob wants to be honest and end it with Dawn so that he can wake up in the morning feeling sane and normal and not having to lie any more.”

So what does Rob do?
“Rob goes to Dawn’s and tells her that it’s over. He’s not thinking about the long-term he just wants the deceit to stop.”

But that results in Dawn confronting May, who tells her that Rob’s affair with her was all a sham to stop Dawn from aborting the baby. What does Rob think of that?
“Rob is appalled when Dawn tells him what May said. He can’t believe the woman he loved and married has become so vindictive. It’s the final nail in the coffin for their marriage.”

And then there’s further drama when Dawn tries to self-abort the baby by downing a bottle of vodka and getting into a hot bath…
Carly and Garry find her unconscious on the bathroom floor and she’s rushed to hospital… with Rob rushing after her. The horror of it all makes him realise that he really does love her. He begs her to give him five minutes but she tells him it’s too late. She’s not falling for his lies again.”

So does Rob give up and go back to May?
“No. He really is serious about Dawn now. And when Dawn comes out of hospital he’s determined to convince her. He tells May he’s leaving her and tells Dawn he wants to spend the rest of his life with her!”