Heather’s baby secret is out!

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison reveals that Heather tells all – but who does she tell?

Why hasn’t Heather told anyone about the baby?

“Heather wanted to keep the pregnancy to herself so she’d be the one in control. She’s also been coming to terms with the shock, wondering what she’ll be like as a mum and, to be honest, scaring herself a bit.”

How is she coping on her own?

“There’s a moment just after her marriage to Minty is annulled when she’s at a real low and thinks: ‘I can’t do this’ and actually tells Dr Al she’s considering an abortion. But then she babysits Bobby Beale and realises she can be a mum.”

Why hasn’t she told Shirley? She’s her best mate!

“She’s so relieved to have made a final decision she nearly tells Shirley. But Shirley makes some comment about not liking other people’s children and Heather doesn’t do it.”

But her secret comes out when Patrick sees a letter from the hospital when she drops her bag…

“Yes. He tells Shirley who corners Heather in the antenatal unit. At first, it’s a relief for Heather to tell somebody else but Shirley immediately has some strong opinions.”

What are those opinions?

“I think Heather would like to bring this baby up with Shirley. But first Shirley talks about an abortion then about adoption.”

Could this be Heather’s cue to revealing and turning to the baby’s father at last?

“Right now Heather’s thinking ‘It’s me and my baby against the world’ so I imagine there’s some reason why the dad can’t be involved.”

So who is the daddy?

“It’s really annoying because I still don’t know who he is. I’m assuming Heather’s keeping him secret because she doesn’t want to rock the boat for other people. Maybe he’s got a family. Or a partner…”

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