Heather’s bubble bursts!

EastEnders‘ Cheryl Fergison tells Soaplife that now daddy Darren has baby George he might never give him back to Heather…

Why did Heather let baby George go and live with Darren?

“She was desperate. She’s got no money and no home and Phil doesn’t want her to stay at his place. Giving George to Darren is what was best for the child at that moment. But it’s not meant to be forever…”

How does she feel seeing Darren with baby George?

“He’s playing happy families with Jodie and it makes Heather want George back. She doesn’t know that beneath the surface Darren isn’t coping that well with being a full-time dad.”

Darren calls on Heather to pick George up from his nursery… What happens?

“She’s really pleased because Darren’s been keeping George from her and she’s not seen him much. She misses him dreadfully. She decides then that she wants him back.”

Does she take him back?

“No because she overhears Billy and Shirley saying Phil doesn’t want her in the house with George. She decides George is better off with Darren for the time being, even though it breaks her heart.”

What’s Darren’s take on things?

“It becomes a bit of a battle because he doesn’t want Heather to have George.”

Might she lose baby George for good?

“Not if she learns to stand up for herself…”

But will she? And why won’t she ask anyone for help?

“A lot of people have offered to help her but she doesn’t want to be seen as a scrounger. It’s hard. I’m a single mum so I can sympathise. She has two part-time jobs that don’t pay a lot, she’s been paying London rent and funding her own child care. It’s really tough.”

Will things get better for Heather?

“No matter how many times she gets knocked down, Heather gets back up again. Her glass is always half full and she believes she’ll get back on track and be able to look after George again.”

What’s in store for her?

“I think she should have a fling with David Essex who’s joining EastEnders as Alfie’s uncle Eddie. I’ll be waiting at the door for him with a cappuccino and a sticky bun!”

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