Hetti Bywater films last scenes before EastEnders’ Easter murder

EastEnders‘ next murder victim Lucy Beale may have appeared alive in the soap for the final time, with actress Hetti Bywater said to have filmed her last scenes.

More clues about what happens on the night she dies reportedly involve her going to meet a client at a flat, according to The Sun.

Hetti, who plays estate agent Lucy in the BBC soap, was seen filming a night-time flat viewing and entering the property for what is thought to be the last time she is seen alive. Whoever she was meeting was not shown.

The episode is set to screen at Easter after Lucy sets up her own lettings agency with the help of Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa), but the mystery of who killed Lucy will run on until EastEnders’ 30th anniversary in February next year.

EastEnders bosses have promised the murder won’t be a typical whodunnit, with very few people – maybe not even the killer – knowing exactly what happened to Lucy on the night she died.

BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson recently told the Daily Mirror: “Just about everyone who lives there is a suspect and we are going to use every single cast member in the marketing campaign, which is the biggest we’ve ever done.”


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