Himesh wants EastEnders’ Tam to try stand-up again

EastEnders star Himesh Patel has said he’d love his character Tamwar Masood to try stand-up comedy again – and would even have a go in real life.

Himesh plays market inspector Tamwar, who has become a comedy favourite with viewers and recently launched an online spin-off, Tamwar Tales, to give a witty insight into his work in the Square.

Talking about the character, who tried stand-up comedy while still at school, he said: “I’d like to maybe see him try stand-up comedy again because the last time he tried it was five years ago and he’s got five years’ worth of material from the various things that have happened. But I don’t know whether that’s an option, it’s a discussion that needs to be had.”

Himesh also said he’d like to have a go at being a real-life comedian: “I think I would [enjoy it]. I’ve never tried it myself but I have had discussions with friends about pursuing it, not as a main endeavour because I love acting and writing too much, but it’s nice to try something new, isn’t it, so it’s on the list I think.”

On how he’d come up with Tamwar’s humour, Himesh said: “The dry sense of humour was something that came at the beginning which I didn’t realise I was doing and it’s all credit to the writers that they picked that up and decided to make that a facet of the character. I’ve just been very fortunate that we’ve been able to create this unique character that I love playing and the writers seem to enjoy writing for him.”


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