EastEnders’ Honey Mitchell is pregnant again but Billy isn’t happy… and Honey’s devastated! Emma Barton explains why…

As if Billy’s financial troubles weren’t enough, Honey’s got a crisis that tops even that! What’s up?
“Honey finds out she’s pregnant. And she’s not sure she wants to be.”

Why not? Surely, this is good news?
“She’s worried it’s too soon after all the trauma she and Billy have been through with Janet and that it will destroy their marriage.”

What, not strengthen it?
“Honey has just got her life back after almost losing Billy. The three of them together are a nice family unit and she thinks a new baby will wreck that.”

But why does Honey tell Pat and not Billy?
“Everyone always runs to Pat, don’t they? Honey is afraid to tell Billy about the baby because she thinks he’s going to be angry about it. He went to hell and back when Honey had Janet because she was so difficult. Neither of them planned to have another baby right now.”

So, how did it happen then?
“I presume they must have been using some form of family planning which has clearly failed. Honey certainly didn’t trick Billy into this. She really doesn’t want another baby just yet.”

But why? Is she worried that this baby might have Down’s Syndrome too?
“Not really. If it did have Down’s, I don’t think that would be an issue because Honey has totally come to terms with that now. She adores Janet and I think that if she was offered tests for Down’s now she’d probably refuse them.”

Do you think Honey could cope with having another baby with Down’s Syndrome?
“In a way, she’s more worried what will happen if the baby doesn’t have Down’s. She’s scared that she and Billy might love it more than Janet.”

And Billy doesn’t do much to dispel her fears when he does find out, does he?
“Honey gets found out quickly. She secretly goes to see May Wright to confirm the pregnancy but Mickey sees her coming out of the doctor’s and mentions it to Billy who confronts Honey.”

Does Honey confess there and then?
“Naturally she tells him about the baby and tries to explain why she hadn’t told him at once. She’s desperately hoping that he’ll be happy but he isn’t – at all. She’s devastated.”

Will Billy come round? And will Honey go ahead with the pregnancy if he doesn’t?
“For Honey’s sake, I really hope Billy will come round. She’s been through so much and a baby should be such a good thing. As for me, though, it’ll mean another nine months of pregnancy padding!”