Ian and Jane to tie the knot in EastEnders’ 30th anniversary week!

On Christmas Eve, we saw Jane spring a surprise proposal on Ian in EastEnders, but now the happy couple have confirmed that their wedding day will be 19 February 2015 – which just so happens to be the soaps’s 30th anniversary week!


This won’t be the first time that Jane and Ian have exchanged vows. The couple previously tied the knot back in 2007 but after a series of lies and affairs, the doomed marriage ended with Jane leaving Albert Square in 2012.


It may be the second time round for Ian and Jane, but it will be the fifth time that the Walford businessman has got married and it’s fair to say he hasn’t had much luck with his wives!


In 1989, Ian married his first wife Cindy, who lied that she was pregnant with his child when it was actually his half-brother Simon who was the real father. 


Then, in 1999, he used emotional blackmail to get Melanie Healey down the aisle by claiming that his daughter, Lucy, had cancer. But the marriage didn’t even last a day because Melanie dumped Ian during the reception after uncovering his lies. 


Ian’s married wife number three Laura in 2001 but the marriage came to an end when he found out that she was pregnant. Having had a vasectomy, Ian assumed that the father was Garry Hobbs after he had a one-night stand with Laura. Later, however, after Laura’s tragic death in 2004, Ian discovered that he was in fact the father of her son Bobby.


As well his marriages, Ian has also been engaged to Mandy Slater and more recently to Denise Fox.


Ian and Jane’s wedding will be aired in a special week of episodes to celebrate EastEnders’ 30th anniversary. Beginning on Monday 16 February, episodes will feature live sections and there will be full live episode, too.