Ian faces a ‘father’s worst nightmare’

Eastenders’ Ian has realised his daughter Lucy isn’t so innocent after all – in fact, she’s been drinking and going home with boys! Actor Adam Woodyatt tells us how Ian plans to tame the thirteen-year-old wild child.

How does Ian discover that Lucy might sleep with his employee Craig?

“At his and Jane’s housewarming party, Ian sees Craig drop a packet of condoms. Craig says, ‘I’ve got my eye on someone for later’ and Ian actually congratulates Craig on the fact that he’s taking precautions. He has absolutely no idea that that ‘someone’ is his little girl Lucy!”

What does he do when he finds out that Lucy has gone back to Craig’s place?

“Suddenly he’s plunged into every father’s worst nightmare. Lucy is his little girl and he’s terrified of what she’s getting up to with Craig. In the back of his mind he’s also worried that she’s going to turn out like her mother Cindy.”

What happens when Ian and Max find the couple?

“Max gives the lad a slap – and boy did he hit Rory, who plays Craig, hard! It made my eyes water!”

Does Ian get there in time to prevent Lucy from sleeping with Craig?

“He doesn’t know. She clams up and he doesn’t know how to reason with her. He likes to think he’s a good father, but actually he’s not – all the shenanigans he’s had with various wives and women have affected his kids. Lucy’s behaviour is classic teenage rebellion. Ian has got no control over her whatsoever.”

Ian reports Craig to the police, but Lucy denies that they had sex. So is that the end of the matter?

“Not as far as Ian’s concerned. He goes round to Craig’s and, for once, comes over all brutish and macho. He slings Craig against the wall and tells him to stay away from his daughter or he’ll kill him. Then he gives him £300 as a bribe. Not a surprise – throwing money at things is always Ian’s way of solving problems.”

Does Ian’s outburst scare Craig away?

“It seems to. Craig takes the money and agrees to leave Walford. He even phones Lucy to tell her he’s going. Or at least that’s what Ian thinks…in fact, Lucy is far cleverer than he’s giving her credit for. She lets Ian think he’s got a handle on it but he hasn’t. Lucy is out of control and this is only the beginning of it.”

So the rumour was true…Cindy is back from the dead – in the form of her daughter!

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