Ian won’t be winning Dad of the Year 2008!

Ian’s terrified that Lucy’s gone for ever and it’s all his fault, says EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt!

Ian must feel terrible about hitting Lucy. What made him do it?

“She hit him and he swiped back at her. But he’s an adult and should have known better. No kid deserves to be hit and Ian feels dreadful about it.”

Would he feel so bad if she hadn’t run away?

“Probably not. He would have thought she deserved it, but her going missing really rams it home. It’s all he can think about. He knows that if he hadn’t hit her she’d be safe with her family.”

Does he try to justify hitting her?

“Not now. He feels really ashamed. He’s not a man who hits his kids. There’s been a time when he got close, but he didn’t do it.”

He has to confess to the police. How does he feel about them knowing?

“He had to tell them to help with the inquiry, but he knows they’re now looking at him in a different light. He also knows there s going to be a lot of finger pointing and people having a go in the Vic on a Friday night.”

Does Ian have any ideas where Lucy might have gone?

“He assumes she’s living rough – or at least hopes she is. His biggest fear is that something has happened to her. He’s already had to identify a body in the morgue which was not nice at all. He doesn’t want to get that call again!”

What’s he doing to find her?

“Everything he can. He closes the cafe and goes round giving people posters to put up and Christian introduces him to a private investigator. He also visit shelters and hostels. He’s really frustrated that the police aren’t doing more.”

If Lucy’s found will Ian be a bit kinder to her?

“I bleedin’ well hope so. He’s been a right plonker. Ian goes on and on about what a great dad he is but he’s rubbish! He needs to communicate and listen to her.”

Is he worried she might be taken into care because he hit her?

“No… But now you come to mention it he should be!”

Is there a lot more grief to come for Ian?

“Yes and fortunately it coincides with my diet. When I did that scene with Gemma in my pants I was shocked at the sight of myself. I went on a diet immediately and have lost a stone already. Ian goes around telling people he can’t eat and sleep because of Lucy’s disappearance and when the story concludes hopefully he’ll be a shadow of his former self!”