Is Bradley and Stacey’s wedding off?!

If Max agrees to be Bradley’s best man the wedding could well be off, warns EastEnders star Lacey Turner!

We’ve all heard of wedding nerves, but the way Stacey’s wedding preparations are going she’s going to have a real nervous breakdown! The real problem is that she’s still got the hots for the groom’s dad! But also, her mum Jean wants to make her wedding dress… and Bradley asks Max to be best man!

How is Stacey coping? “She is not enjoying the wedding preparations one bit. Everyone seems to be getting involved – her mum, Sean, Tanya – and it’s getting too much. But nothing compares to Bradley telling her he’s going to ask Max to be his best man!”

Stacey is horrified and immediately seeks out Max to beg him to refuse…

“Having Max as the best man is one thing she really can’t let happen. It’s going to be hard enough having to pretend to be happy families but him being at the altar with Bradley and her would just be wrong.”

So what does Max do? “Max does as he’s asked and says ‘no’ which really upsets Bradley. Tanya’s angry about it too and can’t understand why Max won’t do it. In the end Max feels so bad about saying no that he starts to think about changing his mind! Stacey urges him to stick to this guns – she just can’t bear the thought of him being best man. It would ruin the wedding.”

Might that be because it’s really Max she wants to marry? “I don’t think so. It was never marriage she wanted from Max. What he offers her is passion and danger and it’s whether or not she can do without that!”

So, should be she walking up the aisle with Bradley? “She really does want to marry Bradley and believes they can be happy together. But the Max thing is never going to go away. Stacey thinks she’s ready to settle down but I can’t imagine her ever changing, can you?”

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