EastEnders’ Bradley Branning might seem a bit naive, but God help Stacey and Max if he ever finds out about their affair. Actor Charlie Clements spills the beans…

How much does Bradley know about Stacey’s mystery man?
“Bradley knows she’s been having an affair with a married man called Jerry but hasn’t a clue it’s his dad. He believes that deep down Stacey still cares for him so he was thrilled when she told him her fling was over. He thought the affair was wrong.”

Max has been looking out for Bradley in recent months. Or so Bradley thinks…
“Max has always discouraged Bradley from trying to get Stacey back and Bradley thought he was looking out for him.”

But with Max away with Tanya and the girls, Bradley sees this as the perfect opportunity to make his move on Stacey, doesn’t he?
“He sees this as his chance to win Stacey back. Now her affair is over he hopes he can ask her out and get back to where they were before it all went wrong.”

How do you think Bradley will react if he ever finds out about Max and Stacey’s sordid affair?
“I’m hoping it’ll push Bradley over the edge. I know he has a dark side and I’d like to see him really lose it!”

Thataboy! So would he want to destroy Max’s life as he’s destroyed his and tell Tanya?
“No, I don’t think he would… at least not himself. I think he’d be more likely to blackmail Max into telling her.”

And what about Stacey? Will Bradley’s revenge be totally on his father or will he unleash his dark side on her too?
“That’s a tough one. I don’t know how he’ll feel about her. I can understand him hating Max because dads don’t do that to their sons. Well, they do but they shouldn’t! But his feelings for Stacey are more complicated. He might even still want her back if she wants him.”

Whatever happens surely they won’t all be able to carry on living in Walford.
“I can’t see it myself but strange things happen in soaps. There might be some excuse that means they all have to stay in Walford. How it all plays out is the fun of it and I can’t wait for it to all come out. I’m really excited about it!”