EastEnders’ Stacey Slater gives lover Max an ultimatum… and ends up in her ex Bradley’s arms!

Stacey Slater is convinced that Max is going to leave wife Tanya for her. Until she sees Tanya’s baby scan that is…
“Max hasn’t told her about the pregnancy. She still believes he’s going to leave Tanya any day now and is actually trying to make friends with his kids – Abi and Lauren – as she thinks it will make things easier when Max and Tanya split up.”

And when Stacey arranges to give the girls a makeover at their, Max is sent into a total panic, isn’t he?
“He knows he’s in trouble. The new baby is the talk of the Branning household and there’s no way Stacey can visit without finding out.”

How does Stacey feel when Abi shows her the baby scan on a DVD?
“Stacey’s numb with shock. She realises that it’s now or never for her and Max. That if he doesn’t tell Tanya about their love affair right now he never will.”

What does Stacey actually say to Max?
“She gives him an ultimatum – he’s got half an hour to tell Tanya about their affair or she will.”

But will she really?
“I don’t really think she’d have the guts to tell Tanya herself. She’s threatened to do it lots of times but she knows that if she did she could risk losing Max for good.”

And that something that Stacey definitely doesn’t want…
“All she wants is for Max to leave Tanya and set up a new life with her away from the Square. She does feel a bit guilty about tearing a family apart – but she’s decided Max is ‘the one’.”

But when Max decides to ignore Stacey’s threat, she ends up being comforted by ‘the one’ she can always rely on… Bradley.