Is it game over for Deano?

Kevin knows, Carly knows and EastEnders’ star Matt Di Angelo reckons the police will soon find out too that Deano’s been lying!

Deano gets badly beaten up… Is this connected to his lies about Sean?

“Yes. Deano hoped he’d be safe as long as Sean was in prison but Sean manages to put two heavies onto him.”

Is Deano badly injured?

“They stamp on his head, punch him and kick him. It’s a really brutal attack and he’s left covered in blood. It’s bad enough for him to have to go to hospital but he’s okay.”

Does the attack scare Deano into telling the truth?

“He’s scared all right. And when Shirley tells him that he can’t win against

Sean, he realises that she’s got a point and decides to withdraw his statement.”

Then what happens? Does Chelsea stop him again?

“No. This time it’s Carly. She challenges Sean if it was him who got Deano

beaten up and he admits it and she’s so horrified that she’d been taking his

side over her brother’s that she tells Deano she believes he’s telling the


Does Deano know who did attack Patrick?

“It turns out that he has the CCTV tape of Patrick’s attack. Chelsea finds out and freaks because Deano is thinking of handing it in to the police.”

Does she manage to stop him again?

“She goes one better. She gets it off him by telling him she’ll post it. Like an idiot Deano believes her then she gets mugged and the tape goes missing.”

And ends up in Kevin’s hands!

“Yes, Gus finds Chelsea’s bag and gives it to Kevin who then watches the tape with Carly. He’s horrified because he sees who really attacked Patrick and realises Deano and Chelsea are lying.”

Does Kevin make them confess their lies to the police?

“Nearly – but then he changes his mind at the last moment. He doesn’t want them to go to prison for perverting the course of justice.”

How does Carly feel now she knows Deano lied to her?

“She wants Kevin to do the right thing and is furious when she finds out he’s burnt the tape after Shirley begged him not to let Deano go to prison.”

So with no tape, does that mean Deano and Chelsea are in the clear and Sean will go down for attempted murder?

“I wouldn’t bet on it. Kevin might be prepared to keep quiet but Carly’s torn. She wants to protect her brother but she knows now that Sean is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be behind bars…”

Will it be Deano’s turn in prison next then?

“The situation is snowballing and there’s nothing Deano can do about it. Yes… he could well end up swapping places with Sean.”

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