When Ian rejects him in the cruellest of ways, will Steven give up on life? EastEnders’ Aaron Sidwell reveals all…

With Jane now on the mend, Steven longs to be part of the Beale family again. But Ian seems to have forgotten any fatherly feelings he ever had for him.
“Steven doesn’t understand the damage he’s done. Being rejected by his real dad Simon hurt him badly and now Ian’s doing the same.”

Steven goes into competition with Ian’s cafe by selling coffee and mince pies on his stall. Is he deliberately trying to wind Ian up?
“Yes and no. He does do it deliberately to compete with Ian but it’s because he wants a reaction. Anything just so he feels Ian knows he’s there.”

Steven certainly gets one when Ian sets new Market Inspector Bradley on to him. And then he decides to apologise to Jane, doesn’t he?
“She’s alone when Steven walks in and though he just tries to apologise for hurting her she totally panics. Next thing Ian turns up and chucks him out.”

But at Lucy and Peter’s birthday party, Steven starts to think that Ian must be having a change of heart. Is Ian really beginning to soften?
“As they talk for a moment it seems like Ian’s softening towards him. But then he suddenly turns on him again.”

“Steven has a snow globe he’s going to give to Lucy and Peter for their birthday. It might not seem much but it’s something that’s very precious to him. It was a gift from Ian when Steven was a boy. When he was in New Zealand, it reminded him of the twins and Ian. But Ian loses it, grabs the snow globe from Steven and smashes it into tiny pieces!”

That’s awful!
“It’s so cruel. Steven is so upset that he just wants to go away and die…”

What does he do?
“Steven gets drunk on vodka, then breaks into the Arches and starts splashing petrol round.”

Does Steven really want to end his life?
“I’m not sure he really wants to kill himself but it’s a real cry for help.”

A cry that Stacey is around to respond to. But does she manage to talk Steven out of setting fire to himself?
“Steven feels as if nobody wants him and I think it will take a lot more than Stacey to change that feeling. All he wants is to be part of the Beales and he now knows that’s not going to happen…”