EastEnders villain Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) will find some of Walford’s residents getting uncomfortably close to the truth about Michael Moon’s death later this month.

Joey Branning (David Witts) confronts Janine in The Vic to try to find out what really happened the night that her estranged husband Michael died.

Viewers will know that Janine was responsible for killing him, but that she framed Joey’s sister Alice (Jasmyn Banks) for the murder.

But David Wicks (Michael French) spots the row brewing and drags Joey off Janine and outside of the pub, where he explains what he suspects she did that night.

Charlie, who is due to leave the BBC soap, recently told Hello! about her mixed feelings: “I was so lucky in landing a role like Janine when I was only 17. I grew up there and the thought of not being there does sometimes frighten me.

“I have days where I am hugely insecure and question my ability to hack it elsewhere but, ultimately, the excitement of the challenge overrules those feelings.

“It is a brave decision for me though. I will miss the financial security. But I can’t wait to do all those regular mummy things with Kiki (her daughter), like picking her up from school and baking cakes.”

The scenes where Janine’s story about Michael’s death begins to unravel will screen on EastEnders on December 16.