Is Max back for good – or bad?

Max Branning is back for Stacey in EastEnders and he won’t let Bradley get in his way, says actor Jake Wood!

Max is due back from Spain any day, but is he really expecting Stacey to be waiting with open arms?

“Max left because he wasn’t ready to give up his marriage but now he feels he is. He was lovesick in Spain and he’s come back to tell Stacey that he loves her.”

Only his son’s already beaten him to that – and Bradley’s added a marriage proposal to boot…

“Max is gutted when he hears that Bradley has proposed. That means he’s been rejected by Stacey and it doesn’t sit well with him.”

What does he do?
“He tries to warn Bradley off and tells him ‘Don’t marry a girl like that. I know what she’s like’ – which he does. A bit of the warning is really for Bradley’s sake. But mainly it’s because he wants Stacey for himself.”

So Max really would leave his wife and kids?

“At this moment in time, yes, I think that he would give up Tanya. He’s desperate to be with Stacey and when he first gets back he fully intends to choose her over his marriage.”

And what about that baby he persuaded Tanya to keep?

“He persuaded Tanya to keep the baby because he thought it would help him stay on track. Only it hasn’t. He wants Stacey, he can’t help himself. He loves being a dad, but he’s not thinking straight because he’s obsessed with her.”

But Stacey’s reaction shocks him. Will Max manage to talk her round yet again?

“He’s not giving up. He’s on a mission now. He tried to move on from Stacey but he can’t. He knows he’s got a hell of a lot to lose if he pursues her but he can’t help himself.”

And if she accepts Bradley’s proposal what then?
“He won’t let Bradley have her if he can’t and will do anything to stop it. It’s getting messier and more complicated and he will go out of his way to sabotage things between them. It’s all going to get as messy and complicated as it possibly could…”

Which we reckon means Stacey will accept Bradley’s proposal, then cheat on him with his dad!

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