Is Phil about to take a fall?

Stella’s about to topple out of EastEnders, but is it Phil who’s going to take the fall? Actor Steve McFadden reveals all.

Does Phil push her is still the blockbuster cliffhanger…

And given what she does to Ben, should he should be forgiven even if he does!

“Ironically Phil’s only marrying Stella because he thinks she’s the perfect mother for Ben. Phil thinks Stella really loves Ben. He’s been blind to what’s been going on.”

As they arrive at the church Stella gets Ben alone and threatens she’ll kill him and claws him with her nails. What happens next?

“Phil actually gets as far as exchanging rings with Stella when Ben finally speaks up. He stands up in the middle of the ceremony and asks for someone to help him. Phil turns and is horrified to see his son with blood seeping through his shirt. Ben tells him he doesn’t want him to find him dead in the morning and Phil doesn’t understand what’s happening.”

Then Stella does a runner, right?

“Phil stops her and asks what’s going on.”

Then she tells him it was Ian who’s been abusing Ben and is nearly convincing. But not quite…

“There may not be any love lost between Phil and Ian but Phil just knows Ian would never do that. Ben’s his brother for goodness sake. In that instant he knows it was Stella and she knows he knows…”

So she legs it, but Phil stays put… until he sees the extent of the abuse.

“There are bruises all over him – old and new. And as Ben tells Phil and Peggy everything, Phil is mortified. He feels so guilty. He can’t believe he didn’t notice the signs. All it takes is for Peggy to say he has her consent to go and make Stella pay and he’s after her. Ben is number one in Phil’s life and there’s no way he’s going to let Stella get away with what she’s done.”

But first he has to catch her!

“She steals the wedding car and there’s a great chase before they end up on the roof of a building with Phil swearing he’s going to kill her. She’s terrified of him and moves to the edge and threatens to jump… And next thing she plunges down and lands with a thud on the wedding car.”

Phil tells the police it was his fault… but does that mean he pushed her?

“Whether he did or whether he didn’t, whether the police arrest him or don’t, he will be guilty in his own eyes. He’s going to blame himself for not having realised what Stella was doing to his son… And that’s going to be hard to live with…”

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