It’s goodbye Ronnie… But is it adios Jack too?

EastEnders star Sam Womack tells Soaplife that she believes Ronnie and Jack’s love for each other is for ever… But will it be strong enough to give her that impossible happy exit?

Ronnie’s life in Walford has been one long tragedy, except for one thing: her love for Jack and his love for her. But after what she did to Kat and did to him, is love enough? “She knows what she has done is unforgivable but she still loves Jack deeply,” Sam tells Soaplife. So when she’s freed on bail she comes home to him. But is Jack’s love as strong as Ronnie’s?

How does Ronnie feel about returning to the Square after everything that’s happened?

“She doesn’t want to come back, but she thinks she should be there for Roxy. She knows she can’t put things right with Kat and feels she and Jack will never get over this. The whole situation is terribly difficult for her. She loved Tommy and she’s still grieving for James.”

But she comes back on the same day as Tommy’s christening…

“Roxy tells Ronnie just as she’s been given bail and she’s shocked. She hides in Roxy’s flat, but Michael finds out she’s there and lets himself in. He tells her she’s not safe in Walford, which is his way of trying to scare her off.”

Does she think about running away?

“Not at this point because Roxy comes in and comforts her. But then Jack finds her and he tells her she shouldn’t be there. She’s really upset as she thinks he wants her gone.”

But we know he cares. He strokes her cheek while she’s sleeping…

“It’s a tender moment and her heart breaks. She’s awake but keeps her eyes shut tight. She thinks that if Jack knows she’s not asleep it’ll ruin the moment. She opens her eyes to watch him leave…”

Then Kat slips into the flat when Ronnie�s alone…

“Kat’s obviously very angry. She wants answers and she wants to give Ronnie a piece of her mind. Ronnie is really shaken up and feels terrible.”

Later, Jack gives her one last chance to explain why she took Tommy. Can she?

“She explains that she was in shock and grieving for the loss of her son, but she doesn’t fully understand why she did it herself so it’s hard to communicate.”

Jack tells her to come home. Has he forgiven her?

“He realises she needs help and softens towards her. She opens up to him, telling him she loves him. He wants to help, but it doesn’t mean he’s forgiven her.”

You’re about to leave the show, Sam, but would Ronnie leave without Jack?

“Ronnie still loves Jack deeply and they’ll always love each other. She tells him they should be together. But is it possible they will ever get over this?”

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